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The WWE Reveals Their Top 25 Matches For 2010

worldchampjericho has ranked their Top 25 matches of 2010. The final two are unranked, and fans can vote to see who is #1. Here is the list below.

25. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio – Smackdown
24. Evan Bourne and John Cena vs. Edge and Sheamus – RAW
23. The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler – RAW
22. Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger – Money in the Bank PPV
21. Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix – Extreme Rules
20. Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship – Elimination Chamber PPV
19. Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson – Royal Rumble PPV
18. John Morrison vs. Sheamus – Falls Count Anywhere Match – RAW
17. Chris Jericho vs. Goldust – WWE Superstars
16. Rey Mysterio vs. UndertakerRoyal Rumble PPV
15. Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison – Hell in the Cell PPV
14. Edge vs Christian – RAW
13. Shawn Michaels vs Rey Mysterio – Smackdown
12. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton – Hell in the Cell PPV
11. Royal Rumble Match – Royal Rumble PPV
10. Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho – WWE NXT
09. John Cena vs Wade Barrett – Hell in the Cell PPV
08. Smackdown Money in the Bank Match – Money in the Bank PPV
07. Evan Bourne vs. Chris Jericho – Fatal 4-Way PPV
06. WWE vs Nexus – SummerSlam
05. Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship – Elimination Chamber PPV
04. Rey Mysterio vs. CM PunkExtreme Rules PPV
03. John Cena vs. Batista – Extreme Rules PPV

Tied for first place -
Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker – Wrestlemania 26 PPV
Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan – Bragging Rights PPV

You can vote at

NXT Season 3 Winner Announced, NXT Season 4 Official


Tonight was the final episode of NXT Season 3. The winner of the final voting and guaranteed WWE Contract is Kaitlyn (whose pro was Vickie Guerrero). She defeated Naomi (pro: Kelly Kelly).

Also, Season 4 of NXT was officially announced, and will continue to be a web show. The following pros/rookies will be on the show:

Pro: R-Truth
Rookie: Johnny Curtis

Pro: Chris Masters
Rookie: Byron Saxton

Pro: Ted DiBiase
Rookie: Brodius Clay

Pro: Dolph Ziggler
Rookie: Jacob Novak

Pro: Daniel Bryan
Rookie: Derrick Bateman

Pro: Alberto Del Rio
Rookie: Conor O’Brian

WWE Smackdown Results For 11/26/10, KOTR Participants announced


WWE Smackdown taping
Report by Jason Ferrara

Smackdown opens with Kane talking about Edge taking Paul Bearer. Kane states he is human, celebrates holidays, loves Thanksgiving and really needs his father back. Edge makes him say sorry, beg, and doesn’t give him back

1. Kofi Kingston beat Jack Swagger in a King of the Ring qualifier.

2. Alberto Del Rio beat Big Show by count out in a King of the Ring qualifier.

A promo is shown with Edge and Paul Bearer in the bathroom.

3. Drew McIntyre beat MVP in a King of the ring qualifier.

4. Kelly Kelly beat Michelle McCool.

Edge is in the stands with Paul Bearer and calls out Kane. Edge threatens to throw Paul down the stairs. Kane ran up to get him, but Edge leaves

Rosa Mendes makes Hornswoggle a turkey but burns it. Jack Swagger yells at the bird and threatens him. Hornswoggle tries to eat the eagle.

5. Dashing Cody Rhodes beat Rey Mysterio in a King of the Ring qualifier.


WWE Smackdown Results For 11/19/10 (Spoilers)


Alberto Del Rio opened the show with a promo, slamming the Legends and talking about beating Slaughter Monday night. MVP came out to stick up for the legends. Del Rio told MVP that the reason he likes the legends is that he’ll never be one, while Del Rio already is one.. MVP challenged Del Rio to a match, but Del Rio said no, because MVP “couldn’t handle him”. Del Rio said that since MVP wants a fight, he can fight one of Del Rio’s teammates on Sunday, Drew McIntyre.

MVP beat McIntyre after hitting the Drive-By.

Edge had a backstage bit taunting Paul Bearer, who was still tied up and in the wheelchair. Kane tore up Teddy Long’s office screaming “where is he?”

Jack Swagger beat Chris Masters with the ankle lock in a short match.

This was followed by another Edge-Paul Bearer vignette.

Kaval was in the ring, and Dolph Ziggler came out cutting a promo on him about all his “internet fans” think he’s “special”, but Dolph’s going to show them that he’s not.

Kaval beat Dolph Ziggler in the match

He then reminded Ziggler that he was the season 2 NXT champion, and the champion got a championship match at a PPV of his choosing. He then announced he was going to face Dolph for the Intercontinental title at Survivor Series.

Cody Rhodes beat Kofi Kingston with the Cross Rhodes

This was followed by another Kane backstage bit trying to find Edge and Paul Bearer.

LayCool beat Kelly Kelly and Natalya after Layla pinned Natalya

This is followed by a backstage bit where Edge used Paul Bearer as bait to attack Kane and then drove off with Paul Bearer.

Big Show beat Tyler Reks with a chokeslam.

Rey Mysterio beat Alberto Del Rio by DQ after the rest of Team Del Rio ran in to attack Mysterio. The rest of Team Mysterio made the save, then Teddy Long came out to announce a “Survivor Series Preview Battle Royal”, since all 10 men in the match were already in the ring.

Eliminations in the battle royal:
Chris Masters eliminated Cody Rhodes
Tyler Reks eliminated Masters
Kofi eliminated Reks
Drew McIntyre eliminated Kofi
Del Rio eliminated MVP
Big Show eliminated Drew
Rey eliminated Del Rio
Big Show eliminated Jack Swagger to win the match, then the two of them celebrated to go off the air

Sources: and

WWE Smackdown Spoilers For 11/12/10


1. Alberto Del Rio beat Kofi Kingston by submission.

2. Natalya beat Layla by submission in a non-title match.

3. David Otunga beat Edge in a lumberjack match to remain in Nexus.

4. Dolph Ziggler beat MVP to keep the Intercontinental Title.

5. Big Show beat Kane in a non-title match.

Source: Pro

Smackdown Spoilers Detailed Results For 10/29/10


Sources: Pro and Allen Myles

The show starts with Paul Bearer and Kane at Undertaker’s grave. Kane said that the saga is over and his brother is never coming back. He adds that Taker is gone and is condemned to an eternity of agony, and he asks the fans to thank him for removing Taker and his false hope from their lives.

Kane said that he is the heartbeat of everyone in the audience, and the devil’s favorite demon. He said the time for mourning is now. He tells the fans to bow their heads for a moment of silence for his brother.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and interrupts Kane. Del Rio tells the crowd that it’s a tragedy…that he never had a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio said the only funeral we’re going to have is for Kane’s title. Del Rio then attacks Kane. Rey Mysterio runs out, so Del Rio split. Mysterio gets the 619 on Paul Bearer. Kane then throws Rey out of the ring. Kane turns around and is caught with a spear by Edge.

Del Rio tells Teddy Long to make him the number one contender. Long said no, and then books a Triple Threat match between Del Rio, Mysterio, and Edge to determine the number one contender is.

1. Daniel Bryan defeated Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero). Vickie dresses like a cougar and has a dog collar on. Ziggler gets the early advantage, but Bryan fires back with a series of punches and kicks, and then hit a clothesline.

Ziggler has the sleeper applied, but Bryan countered out of it and hits the ref accidentally. Dolph hit the Zig Zag for the three count, but the ref was out. Vickie tries to interfere, but Dolph turned around and gets nailed with a kick that leads to the win

Josh Matthews tries to interview Paul Bearer, and Paul rants until Kane comes from behind and stares at Josh until he leaves.

Kelly Kelly was looking into a mirror when Cody Rhodes enters the room and said he needs the mirror more than she does. Big Show enters the scene and challenges Rhodes to a match. Cody declines, but says that he would face him if he could get a partner. Kelly whispers in Show’s ear and he smiles.

2. Jack Swagger (with Eagle mascot) defeated Kaval. Swagger won with the ankle lock.

The Divas Halloween costume contest is up. Teddy Long and Hornswoggle then come out. The Bella Twins dress as Batman and Robin. Alicia Fox dresses as Cleopatra, Kelly Kelly is Little Bo Peep, Rosa Mendes is a leprechaun, Melina is Spider Woman, and LayCool dresses as Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Teddy then turns the contest into a match.

3. The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, and Melina vs. LayCool, Rosa Mendes, and Alicia Fox.

Kelly wins after hitting the K2 on Rosa.

Edge and Rey Mysterio talks about the Triple Threat they have set for later. Edge says it is not about unity tonight. He continues by saying he won’t discriminate when it comes to beating Rey Mysterio or Albert Del Rio to become No. 1 contender.

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre talk about how pathetic Nexus is. Cody then says he and Drew will now be known as The Dashing Ones.

4. Big Show and Kofi Kingston beat Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre after Show chokeslams Cody.

Drew left as Cody was laid out while Kofi and Show celebrated the win. Cody recovers and called Drew back. He tells Drew he was in his way and he’ll win titles without him. Drew tells Cody to get out of his face. Cody announces that the Dashing Ones are finished.

5. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio to become No. 1 contender

Edge beat Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio to become No. 1 contender. Good match and everyone was given a chance to show their stuff. There were a lot of near falls before Edge speared Del Rio for the win. Afterwards, Kane came out and stared down Edge. Kane then held up his title belt to end the show.

Monday Night Raw Recap for October 25 – Bragging Rights Fallout


Bragging Rights came to a close last night with Randy Orton still WWE Champion and new Tag Team Champions within the Nexus. What will Wade Barrett say and do to John Cena after his involvement in the match? And what will Cena do as one half of the new tag champs?

Also, already advertised is a rematch of Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler, which was by far the best match of the night at the pay-per-view.

Hey folks, Drew Koscelek here covering for Bill Wentz, whom is enjoying a night off and celebrating a birthday.  Happy Birthday, Bill!

Nexus wastes no time walking out to the ring as the show begins, with John Cena and Tag Title in tow.  Cena stands away from the group.  Wade Barrett thanks the Cena-chanting audience.  He asks the audience to “simmer down.”  He introduces the most dominant group in the history of the WWE:  The Nexus.  He introduces each member one by one.  He says they did the unthinkable, when their actions caused the burial of The Undertaker.  He says they “had their reasons” for helping Kane.  Barrett says he defeated Randy Orton later that night.  He orders John Cena to explain what happened in the match.  Cena says Orton was about to beat Barrett down, so he interfered and saved him from losing  the match.

Barrett has a different perspective – he says he was about to win the match when Cena ran in and laid his hands on Barrett for no reason.  Cena reminds Barrett he was told that if Barrett didn’t win the match, Cena would be fired.  He never specified.  Barrett isn’t happy with the logic.  Right on cue, the GM chimes in to many boos.

The GM says that since Barrett technically won the match, he’s intitled to a future rematch.  There will be a special enforcer, however, and that person will be chosen by the winner of Randy Orton vs. Any member of Nexus.

Barrett wastes no time in choosing Cena to represent Nexus in the match.

Otunga takes the mic, says there’s some unfinished business.  He says Cena ignored him during the entire match, and hit him with an Attitude Adjustment afterwards.  He says Cena should be fired on principal alone.

Barrett agrees and decides that the Tag Titles will be defended amongst Nexus members now – Otunga & Cena vs. Slater & Gabriel, right now!

The ref comes out and the titles are on the line!

David Otunga & John Cena (c) vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel for the Unified Tag Team Championships

The bell rings, but before they even begin, Barrett interrupts.  He says The Nexus doesn’t fight amongst itself.  He says someone must do the right thing, and that means laying down in the middle of the ring.  Barrett orders Otunga to do it.  Otunga doesn’t like it, he pleads with Barrett, but Barrett gets in his face.  Reluctantly, David Otunga lies in the middle of the ring as Heath Slater makes the cover to win the Tag Titles.

Winners: Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Well, there was no match at all.  Total storyline advancement.  I’m really not sure where they’re going with this angle any more.  Otunga is going to start dissenting now, I guess?  Maybe he’ll start to buddy up with Cena?  I don’t know.  The group just looks weaker and weaker each week.

After break, we get a recap of the Daniel Bryan/Dolph Ziggler exchange from Raw last week.  Did anyone catch their match last night at Bragging Rights?  I watched it just before the show, and it was great.

Anyhow, Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlyn walk out onto the stage.  Guerrero says Ziggler was cheated out of the match.  She says Ziggler is going to embarrass Bryan tonight.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan

Before the match even begins, CM Punk’s music hits.  He walks down to the ring, but the bell rings anyhow.  I can only hope this may lead to a Bryan/Punk match.  Punk jumps onto commentary as Ziggler and Bryan trade armlocks.  Bryan hits a fierce kick and locks in a Mexican Surfboard, before working it into a chinlock stretch.  Punk mentions that Bryan trained with Shawn Michaels but noone ever talks about his time with William Regal.  Dropkick by Bryan and a 2-count.

Ziggler hits a kick to the gut and starts working Bryan over.  Bryan leads Ziggler in and tosses him over the top rope with his feet.  Bryan runs the ropes and leaps out of the ring, landing on Ziggler as we cut to break.

When we return, Ziggler and Bryan are trading hits.  Ziggler eats a running clothesline from Bryan, followed by a running dropkick.  Bryan gets a 2-count.  Bryan unleashes with a flurry of kicks.  Ziggler ducks one, but he doesn’t duck the follow-up.  Bryan gets another 2-count.  Ziggler wiggles out of a Lebell lock.  Bryan gets Ziggler up on the top rope and hits a Hurricarana that Ziggler rolls into a pin.  Gorgeous move but it’s worth only two.

Ziggler fires back with a superkick and gets a 2-count.  He misses the Zig Zag.  Bryan rolls Ziggler up, who reverses it.  Another 2-count.  They trade punches from their knees.  Ziggler hits a sweet reverse exploder suplex.  2-count.  CM Punk is loving this match.  So is the audience.

Ziggler goes for the sleeper hold.  Bryan reverses it and goes for the Lebell Lock.  Vickie grabs Ziggler’s leg and drags him under the rope, but the ref didn’t see it as Ziggler taps out and Bryan gets the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Postmatch, CM Punk stands up to clap for Bryan, and Ziggler slips in to take advantage of the situation.  Bryan spins around before Ziggler can make a move, and Ziggler bails out.

Excellent, excellent match.  Not quite as good as their match the night before, but a definite treat for those whom may have missed it.  Further proof that a good wrestling match between good wrestlers that the fans can get behind is a winning formula.

Back from break, our announce team plugs Toby Keith, whom is hosting tonight.

Cue up a package about how awesome WWE is.  They talk about the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge, which is intended to help young students become interested in reading.

Backstage, Toby Keith gives The Bella Twins copies of his new CD, while they give him a toy belt.  Santino interrupts and sings a song.  He sings about his first love, spaghetti.  Sheamus interrupts him and calls him a disgrace.  He says he’s an embarrassment to himself and the Raw team.  He challenges Santino to a match, to prove he’s not a wimp.  Santino accepts.

Wade Barrett and John Cena argue backstage about the title switch.  Barrett reminds Cena that he’s in charge.  He says the only reason he’s employed is because Barrett allows it.  Cena vents his frustrations, says he’s nothing but an errand boy, and it’s not him.  He just gave up a championship.  He says there’s no difference between being fired and quitting, and he tears off the armband.  Barrett tells him to hold up, and says he has a solution.  He says if Cena beats Orton, he will make Cena an offer he cannot refuse, one that benefits both men.  He reminds Cena he’s in his corner.

Good exchange.  They gotta do something with this angle, so I hope this ends up being good.

Flashback to Friday where Laycool made fun of Natalya, and we apparently have a women’s tag match.

Laycool vs. Melina & Gail Kim

Melina and Layla start things off.  Melina does a diving hair pull (I’m not really sure what to call it) and gets a 2-count.  Layla and Melina hit colliding cross-body blocks and the ref counts as both are down.  Melina goes for a pin, but Layla hit a blind tag.  Michelle McCool hits a sloppy kick to the head and scores a pin on Melina.  Gail Kim never even stepped off the apron.

Winners: Laycool

Pathetic “match.”  What else can I say?

Jerry Lawler reminds us to vote next Tuesday, and backstage, The Miz and Alex Riley walk to the ring.

When we return from break, The Raw leader at Bragging Rights walks to the ring.  The Miz says he’s accomplished more in his career than everyone in the arena could dream of achieving ever.  He says no matter how superior he is, he can’t work miracles.  He says he lasted longer than all other Raw superstars and yet they still failed.  He says his talent doesn’t just speak volumes, it “speaks Awesome.”  He says that he’s the Poster Child of the new Smackdown vs. Raw game. “Eat your heart out, Tetris!”  Hilarious.

He shows a different edit of the cover featuring only The Miz on the cover.  He blames his team, Rey Mysterio, and Smackdown.  He taunts Rey and says he’s the only person on “Monday Right Raw” (not a typo) that’s awesome.

So who comes out to the ring?  Eve Torres.

Miz says she doesn’t have to apologize for the Divas, just for her horrible taste in men, horrible taste in music, and hair extensions that don’t match.  Eve cuts a decent promo calling The Miz a “fifteen minute flash in the pan, brainless, laughable, thick-headed, half-witted, uninspired, frog-faced loser.”  Miz taunts the audience and tells them the Packers aren’t going to the Super Bowl.  Eve interrupts him and tells him he’s the furthest thing from awesome, and he’s ugly to boot.

Alex Riley’s had enough and tells her to “shut the front door already.”  Riley says he doesn’t speak Gucci, but the reason the rest of the Raw locker room isn’t out there is because they’re all “tip-toeing their way toward unemployment.”  He tells Eve to head back to the locker room and see if anyone on the team wants a piece of the captain.

So R-Truth comes out and sings.  Eve dances with him.  Miz and Riley look disgusted.  R-Truth says he wants a piece of Mr. Kermit.

The GM “dings” and calls a match.

The Miz vs. R-Truth

R-Truth goes on the offense immediately and clothesline The Miz out of the ring as we cut to commercial.

When we return, Miz is in charge with a headlock.  R-Truth gets a 2-count on a roll-up.  Miz mounts Truth and unloads with fists to the face.  He clamps on a stretch.  Truth works out of it.  Miz goes for a back body drop but Truth spins it into a body press.  2-count for Truth.

The action goes back and forth.  Truth gets on a roll with some clotheslines and a leg lariat.  He front-suplexes Miz and gets a 2-count.  Truth catches Miz’s leg and hits a Stunner-like move for a 2-count.  Truth elbows Miz off the apron and into the announcer table.  Truth tosses Miz back in, and when the ref isn’t looking, Alex Riley gets involved and attacks Truth.  Eve steps in and slaps Riley in the face.  Truth runs the ropes and attacks Riley outside.  He goes for his finisher on The Miz, but Miz dodges and hits Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Good back and forth match between two of WWE’s biggest future stars.  Riley and Eve played their parts well too.

After a break, Toby Keith comes out to the ring flanked by the Bella Twins.  He talks about being in the arena, and the Packers, and some other stuff.  He introduces Sheamus, and his opponent, Santino Marella, who peeks out of the side of the entrance ramp before taking his time walking to the ring.  Toby Keith walks over to him and pumps him up.

Sheamus vs. Santino Marella

Santino does a split to dodge a clothesline, but it’s not long before Sheamus begins decimating Santino.  Sheamus goes for the Braugh kick, but Santino just sort of falls over.  As Sheamus is choking Santino, John Morrison runs out to the ring.  Santino can’t stay on his feet.  Morrison tries to talk Sheamus out of it.  Sheamus sets Santino up against the turnbuckle and goes for the Braugh kick for the third time, and Santino falls out of the way.  Sheamus gets caught in the ropes, and Santino rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Santino Marella

I guess they’re pushing a Sheamus losing streak or something, not sure what the purpose was.  John Morrison being involved was odd, unless they plan on having Sheamus feud with Morrison, which could be good for both of them.

By the way, Knucklehead comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray next week.  I think it played for one weekend, in six theaters.  The turnaround was definitely quicker than Legendary.

We get a video package about the Stand Up for WWE campaign, featuring many of the newer talent talking about their dreams of being in the WWE and how they watched when they were kids.

Backstage, Slater and Gabriel are flashing their new titles in front of Barrett, when Otunga asks to speak to Barrett alone.  He wants to know why Barrett humiliated him.  He says Barrett couldn’t get the job done last night and did it to take the heat off his loss.  Otunga threatens to reveal why they really attacked The Undertaker.

Barrett ponders this for a second and beckons someone off camera to walk up – it’s Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, decked out in Nexus gear.  Barrett has decided to officially induct them into Nexus.  He reminds Otunga that you’re “either Nexus or you’re against us.”  Otunga needs to make a decision now.  He says he’s Nexus.

Good exchange, just raises further questions.  I’m glad to see Harris and McG in there.  I like the way Otunga is playing off Barrett too.  Really teases the idea of him stepping out of the group and going on his own, or possibly even helping John Cena.

Next week, our guest host is Pee Wee Herman.  I’m not nearly as excited about this as Jerry Lawler is.

Here comes The Cena.  His Nexus Armband is still on the wrong arm, and he still has his own theme music and t-shirt.  Wade Barrett joins him.  Randy Orton comes out shortly after.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

This feels mildly familiar.  The two lock up a few times.  Orton gets the best of Cena and works knees and punches to the face.  Cena fights back with punches of his own.  Randy Orton floors himself, dodging a shoulder block from Cena.  Pretty cool spot.  Cena ends up outside the ring, and ORton follows.  Barrett sneaks up behind him, but Orton cuts him off and Barrett retreats as Cena rolls back in.  Commercial time.

Back from break, Orton has a headlock on Cena.  Cena stands up and powers out.  He goes for an Attitude Adjustment, but Orton reverses and DDT’s him.  Orton for a pin, gets 2.

Cena dodges a clothesline and makes his huge comeback.  Shoulder block, Five Knuckle Shuffle, misses another Attitude Adjustment.  Failed RKO attempt.  The two are going back and forth.  Orton hits a body slam.  Orton sets Cena up for the DDT off the ropes, but Cena counters and tosses Orton outside.

Barrett steps in to get involved, but Cena runs over and pushes Barrett to the ground.  He tells him “No way, not in my fight.”  Cena almost got ambushed from behind by Orton, but he was able to dodge and send Orton into the barrier.  He rolls Orton in and Cena goes to the top.  Leg drop and a 2-count.

Cena goes for another Attitude Adjustment but Orton counters again.  Cena locks in the STF.  Orton crawls to the ropes.  Barrett pulls the rope further away, and Cena releases the hold and gets in Barrett’s face.  He doesn’t want Barrett getting involved.  Cena climbs into the ring and Orton hits a dropkick.  He plants Cena with a DDT from the rope.  He sets up Cena for an RKO, and Cena counters.  Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment, but Orton kicks out.

Cena picks up Orton, and Orton hits an RKO.  Cena bounces out of the ring.  Orton slips out of the ring and drags Cena back into the ring.  He sets Cena up for a punt to the head.  Barrett drags Cena out of the ring by his foot, and then clotheslines Cena.  Orton gets disqualified.

Winner: John Cena via Disqualification

Same finish as last night, but different people.

Randy Orton begins attacking Wade Barrett and Nexus runs out.  They all attack Orton,  John Cena jumps in and starts attacking Nexus.  Barrett grabs a mic and yells at Cena, tells Nexus to leave the ring,  Barrett says Cena won, so Barrett chooses John Cena to be the special referee for Barrett’s rematch.  Barrett says if he doesn’t win the WWE Title at Survivor Series, John Cena will be fired on the spot.  However, when he wins the title, John Cena will be released of all duties and obligations he has to The Nexus.

Well, overall it was a pretty decent Raw.  Kind of story-heavy, but they managed to fit in a few good matches as well.  I’m pretty excited about the prospect of a CM Punk/Daniel Bryan feud.  I like that the Cena/Nexus angle appears to have an end in sight, because they really haven’t played it out too well lately.  I’m disappointed, once again, in the women’s division.

Thanks for joining me tonight folks.  Make sure you tune in again next week!

Smackdown Spoilers for 10/22/10, Kane vs. Orton



 The show begins with Theodore Long in the ring with the members of Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown. Long said that he was going to allow the Bragging Rights teams to make the matches tonight. The Miz picks a Six-Man Tag Team Match with himself, Ezekiel Jackson, and Sheamus against Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Rey Mysterio. John Morrison picks Alberto Del Rio, and Jack Swagger gets Santino Marella.

Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and Kofi Kingston beat The Miz, Ezekiel Jackson, and Sheamus

Jack Swagger beats Santino Marella.

Alberto Del Rio beat John Morrison

Natalya and Kelly Kelly beat LayCool. Before the match

Edge vs. C.M. Punk ended in a no-contest

 main event

 WWE Champion Randy Orton beat World Heavyweight Champion Kane.

After the match, Undertaker came out from a hole that he cut in the ring before pulling Kane inside it. The two then got out and brawled, but Kane managed to escape.

Smackdown Spoilers For 10/15/10, Team Smackdown Announced


Sources: David Sherman and Pro

 WWE Smackdown taping in Portland, Ore.

Teddy Long started the show in the ring, no pyro. He announces the matches to determine Team Smackdown for Bragging Rights.

Undertaker is shown standing on the outside of the arena up on the edge of the Rose Garden.

1. Rey Mysterio beat Cody Rhodes to earn a spot on Team Smackdown.

Big Show, Hornswoggle, and Kaval have a backstage segment. Kaval wants to be on Team Smackdown. Big Show says he can join if he beats him tonight.

Paul Bearer promo with a buried alive match tease.

2. Jack Swagger beat MVP to get a spot on Team Smackdown.

Undertaker was shown outside up on the roof of the arena again.

3. Alberto Del Rio beat Chris Masters to get a spot on Team Smackdown.

4. Edge beat Dolph Ziggler to win a slot on Team Smackdown.

Undertaker is shown on the roof overlooking the city.

5. Kaval survived a five-minute challenge with Big Show to get a spot on Team Smackdown.

Tyler Recks came out while Kaval was still in the ring, and challenged him to a match in order take his slot on Team Smackdown. Kaval accepts so Teddy made it official.

6. Tyler Reks beat Kaval to win his spot on Team Smackdown.

Dashing Cody teaches us how to maintain fingernails.

7. Kofi Kingston beat Drew McIntyre to get the final spot on Team Smackdown.

Taker is shown in the backstage hallway with purple lighting around him.

The NXT Report: 09/28/10 – The Final SyFy NXT


Last week, the Rookie Divas suffered through musical chairs and a talk-the-talk challenge. AJ won the Musical Chairs competition and rocked the Talk-The Talk challenge.  Will she dominate again this week?  What fate awaits the other diva hopefuls? (more…)


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