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TNA Needs To Use Desmond Wolfe Better!

A horrendous nightmare, that’s what it is. What, you ask? The fact that The Nasty Boys, Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac are getting more TV and mic time than Desmond Wolfe. It’s a mistake…nay, it’s a catastrophe, and TNA needs to rectify it, now!

Desmond Wolfe had one of the most prolific debuts in TNA late last year, when he confronted Kurt Angle. The viewers were served a feast of a feud that was entertaining, both – inside and outside the ring. You had him cut top-botch promos, secure a lot of heat, play his role to the T, and take on one of the top guys on the TNA roster in the form of Angle.

Then the fans hoped for a battle of epic proportions when The Pope D’Angelo Dinero got an upset victory over Desmond Wolfe on the over-hyped January 4th episode. Here you have, arguably,  two of the best talkers in the business today, and one would have expected some thrilling and memorable promos and equally great in-ring action.

But for whatever reason, Desmond Wolfe has not been heard on the mic that much. He has definitely not bit into The Pope the way he did with Angle! And while the in-ring work was engaging, especially their match at Genesis which had some memorable and unique moments, that feud was also cut short by TNA this week by putting The Pope in a match with Orlando Jordan – a match in which the Pope was made to look bad by giving Orlando a clean win after a less-than-impressive wrestling bout – and Wolfe was kept away from the cameras.

One would have expected The Pope not to take his defeat to Wolfe kindly and go after Wolfe on iMPACT! and have them go back and forth cutting some first-class promos. But that feud seems to be suspended. And for what? To give a less than impressive push to Orlando Jordan? Defies sense!

Desmond Wolfe is a top class performer – a complete package. He has exceptional mic skills; he is a great mat wrestler; he knows how to work the crowd; and knows how to put life into feuds.

But under Hogan, we are getting heavy doses of Hall/Syxx-Pac and The Nasty Boys and a confused Foley and an annoying Mr. Anderson…denying the fans of some really good quality stuff from the Brit. Does TNA really think fans would want to listen to Scott Hall more than Desmond Wolfe? Or watch The Nasty Boys in action more than Desmond Wolfe?

You gotta be kidding me!

TNA could still right the wrongs. And it should, if it really wants to challenge the WWE. Desmond Wolfe could well and truly make the British Invasion a force to reckon with. They seem to be on the verse of a collapse after last night’s loss to Matt Morgan and Hernandez. Wolfe could come in and lead them, and take them to another level.

He could also stay in the singles competition, instead, and possibly dip into the title hunt.

Either way, a talent like Desmond Wolfe needs to get more TV & mic time than others on the TNA roster.

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